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  • Rem van den Bosch

'Zeeuws Meisje' and the 'Omgevingswetfestival'

Commissioned by the Department of Public Works, I had the opportunity to decorate the Ir. J.W. Topshuis this week in the context of the Environment Act and meeting with the Province of Zeeland, Scheldestromen Water Board, all Zeeland municipalities, GGD Zeeland, RUD Zeeland, Veiligheidsregio Zeeland and the Department of Public Works.

Several large format images from the project Zeeuws Meisje #equality complemented the design in this unique building. Besides 6 images in the dimensions 400x600cm, for which I could spend several hours in the aerial platform, I showed a selection of banners and photo images. I am proud to show this beautiful series and to work with these parties!

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