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About Rem.

Rem van den Bosch (Rotterdam, 1974)
With boundless energy, photographer Rem van den Bosch strives to make the world a more beautiful place – even just a little. His projects like Zeeuws Meisje and Seven Generations inspire public debate about the way we treat each other, and the environment.


Looking to connect.

A very sociable, driven artist, Rem is always looking to connect. He talks, listens and observes, in order to portray people the way they are: vulnerable or proud, self-assured or searching. Series like A Muse a Day or The Next Station attest to his ability to relate and put people at ease.

Constant search
for beauty.

Involved as he may be, Rem is first of all a professional. He studied photography at AKV | St. Joost (Breda) and Narafi (Brussels) and specialised in portraiture and nude studies. He is motivated by a constant search for beauty and the conviction that creativity, more than anything, has the power to bring about change.

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