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Without its dikes, dunes and pumping stations, 25% of the Netherlands would be under water – and sea levels are rising. Hoping to inspire change, Rem has found a creative, engaging way to visualise this sobering reality in #herecomestheflood

In numerous places across the country, an acrobat balancing on a tall ladder is indicating the level the water would reach if it wasn’t for all the measures taken to protect the land. The costume the acrobats are wearing refers to the regional dress of Zeeland, the part of the Netherlands most vulnerable to the sea. From the deep of a sluice to tourist landmarks and the fruit trees in bloom, the vulnerability is both palpable and surreal. Collaborating closely with local organisations and authorities involved with water awareness, Rem seeks to open up candid discussions about the consequences of the rising water – and what we can do about it.


Rem is an ambassador to the Unesco Geopark Schelde Delta i.o. and Zuidwestelijke Delta.       

Impressions of photography proces: Alique van Nes

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