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The New Michiel

Michiel de Ruyter is the Netherlands’ most famous maritime hero, who won numerous decisive battles against the British fleet and saved the 17th-century Dutch Republic from disaster. His men adored him for his courage and concern, politicians played to his strong sense of patriotic duty. But who are the Dutch heroes of today?

In an open call, Rem asks for new heroes to come forward, or for people to nominate someone. From over fifty reactions, he selects ten men who stand out for their talents and virtues to be portrayed as The New Michiel. Among them a BMX legend who amazes kids around the world with his stunts; a taxidermist and wildlife artist who taught numerous students the finer tricks of his trade, and an entrepreneur who selflessly supports disadvantaged children in Thailand. Rem portrays them in a series of authentic black and white photographs that emphasise their personality and characteristic drive.

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