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Zeeuws Meisje #fraternity

Completing the trilogy begun with #equality and #freedom, Zeeuws Meisje #fraternity revolves around care for the earth and for each other. Rem takes his models out to sea to an off-shore wind park, he takes them to the country and to the coast, celebrating Zeeland heritage and future.

Men, women and children are posing in perfect examples of the traditional work dress from Walcheren. The fabric of their costumes had been printed with images of various fresh products, making the models almost one with their surroundings.


In the book Zeeuws Meisje #fraternity, Rem once more connects the traditional work dress from Walcheren with pressing social questions. How do we care for vulnerable people in our society? What can we do to preserve our environment? How do we create sustainability in food production and energy? For this inspiring project, Rem collaborated with TEJO child shelter, the Dutch Mussel Centre, Rabobank and green energy giant Ørsted, among many others. 

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