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A very sociable, driven artist, Rem is always looking to connect. He talks, listens and observes, in order to portray people the way they are: vulnerable or proud, self-assured or searching. Series like A Muse a Day or The Next Station attest to his ability to relate and put people at ease.


Involved as he may be, Rem is first of all a professional. He studied photography at AKV | St. Joost (Breda) and Narafi (Brussels) and specialised in portraiture and nude studies. He is motivated by a constant search for beauty and the conviction that creativity, more than anything, has the power to bring about change.


The sea has never been friendly to man. At most it has been the accomplice of human restlessness.

Joseph Conrad

Schermafbeelding 2021-08-23 om 18.40.26.png


With its countless hybrids, mutations and variations, the Dutch tulip is the quintessence of inventiveness and individual beauty. In ♥truetoyourself, Rem connects this magnificent flower with Zeeland’s traditional costumes that featured in earlier series like Zeeuws Meisje #freedom, #equality and #fraternity.


Completing the trilogy begun with #equality and #freedom, Zeeuws Meisje #fraternity revolves around care for the earth and for each other. Rem takes his models out to sea to an off-shore wind park, he takes them to the country and to the coast, celebrating Zeeland heritage and future.


Zeeuws Meisje #freedom

In 2020, the Netherlands are celebrating 75 years of freedom. Generations of children have grown up without fear of tyranny or need. But for the 50 million children worldwide fleeing war, violence, poverty or natural disaster, freedom is often an elusive dream.

Zeeuws Meisje #equality


The Netherlands have long been known for their tolerance and open-mindedness. In 2019, however, Rem notices that solidarity with the LGBTQ community is not always self-evident. Especially people who cherish traditional values, are reluctant to whole-heartedly embrace diversity.


Seven Generations and #7

The Great Law of Peace of the indigenous-American Haudenosaunee states that their leaders must always consider the interest of the entire people, including future generations. Inspired by this principle, Rem visits the Haudenosaunee reservations in North-America to learn more about their worldview and philosophy of life.


In Roman times, traders pledged large gifts – statues, altars – to a mysterious goddess, Nehalennia, to secure safe passage across the sea to Brittania for their ships and cargos. Many of these altars were found in what today is the Scheldt area. The ruins of a temple dedicated to the goddess were discovered at Domburg and remains of a second lie beneath the waters at Colijnsplaat.


The New Michiel

Michiel de Ruyter is the Netherlands’ most famous maritime hero, who won numerous decisive battles against the British fleet and saved the 17th-century Dutch Republic from disaster. His men adored him for his courage and concern, politicians played to his strong sense of patriotic duty. But who are the Dutch heroes of today?

The New Zeeuws Meisje

For over a hundred years, Zeeuws Meisje (‘Girl from Zeeland’) in her typical regional dress was the face of a margarine brand of the same name. With slogans like ‘not a cent too much’ and ‘us Zeelanders are thrifty’ the television ads featuring Zeeuws Meisje had long become obsolete – but the image persisted.


Beroemd in Zeeland
2003 - 2005

What makes a person special? And how can you capture that in photograph? In Famous in Zeeland, Rem transforms ‘ordinary’ people into an exceptional version of themselves. Over the course of three years he manages to give 1500 (!) people from Zeeland a much-discussed make-over.

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