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True to Yourself (Tulips)

With its countless hybrids, mutations and variations, the Dutch tulip is the quintessence of inventiveness and individual beauty. In True to Yourself, Rem connects this magnificent flower with Zeeland’s traditional costumes that featured in earlier series like Zeeuws Meisje #freedom, #equality and #fraternity.

Authentic regional dress elicits nostalgia for a time when life was more easygoing and people still greeted each other. Rem believes that we can still be connected in a modern society, when we treat one another with respect and attention. To convey his message of tolerance and solidarity, he now speaks the symbolic language of flowers. Red tulips for true love, pink for happiness, blue for spirituality… The dresses, executed in vibrant designs, are shown by models of diverse backgrounds and body types. Zeeuws Meisje becomes an icon of inclusivity and openness, who can be true to her own colour.


In 2022, the exhibition will travel to the Tulip Time Festival in Michigan (US), and to Ottowa (CA) with support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Dutch Ambassador to Canada, Ines Coppoolse.

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