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  • Rem van den Bosch

Keynote Speaker at the North Sea Conference 2023

Upon the invitation of the Straits Committee, I served as the Keynote speaker at the North Sea Conference 2023. I had the privilege to deliver the Keynote at the Province House of South Holland. Additionally, I conducted a workshop exploring opportunities to expand the educational branch across the seven participating countries. In the evening, we were present in the Council Chamber of the Rotterdam City Hall with the exhibition and installation #herecomestheflood. I engaged in conversations with the audience, inviting visitors to leave a message.

The responses afterwards were wonderful, and the discussions were very inspiring. Art has the power to bring about change and contribute to awareness, forming a solid foundation for the exchange of ideas and expanding the network.

My presentation highlights my work, rooted in the Seven Generations principle of the Haudenosaunee people, where I spent a considerable amount of time. During my journey, I visited six reservations, collected questions from elementary school children, and translated the elders' answers into art in the broadest sense: 'A Song, a story or a dance,' now applied in the Western world.

Everything I stand for with my work comes together here: #carefortheworld, with a focus on art, education, and nourishment. This presentation and workshop were made possible by the Straits Committee, a cross-border collaboration between coastal regions along the Strait of Dover/North Sea (NL, BE, FR, UK). Thank you for the invitation! 🌍🎨📚

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