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  • Rem van den Bosch

23 times HCTF at 23 municipalities between Antwerp and Gent

Bijgewerkt op: 26 mei

Starting June 23, 2022, #herecomestheflood will be displayed on 23 large format outdoor installations along walking and cycling routes in the 'Scheldevallei.' These routes cover 23 municipalities: Berlare, Boom, Bornem, Buggenhout, Dendermonde, Destelbergen, Hamme, Hemiksem, Kruibeke, Laarne, Lokeren, Melle, Niel, Puurs-Sint-Amands, Rumst, Schelle, Temse, Waasmunster, Wetteren, Wichelen, Willebroek, Zele, and Zwijndrecht. These locations will serve as meeting points for guided walks, bicycle rides, entertainment, and numerous activities in July and August, as part of the 11-day festival ‘STROOM’.

For more information, visit: STROOM Festival Program.

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