Rem van den Bosch 23 August 1974, Rotterdam

The common red line that runs through the series, are the structures and empowerment within human relationships.
‘Power play’ within relations has always been known for winners and losers, and overall almost everybody has experienced this or will do in life. It is about feeling the sadness when you are in the role of the loser, and the other party is exposing you to ‘dating-down’.
In general, it refers to the energy released in the human interaction processes that are known in daily life. Cynicism and awesome happiness, melancholy and stressful hyperactivity, deeply love and oppression, domination and arrogance and epic madness and absurdity – feelings that are expressed in case of inappropriate reactions to interpersonal contact and where extensive interaction processes arise in which  ’staying close to the essential of yourself’ is denied. The pressure that is felt in some cases can lead to ‘loss of self’ in a profound stage.
Within a defined period of certain days – several times a month – I prepare a photo shoot in a studio environment in a place or location in or outside the Netherlands and in which I get influenced by the materials that are offered by its surroundings. Much time is spent on preparing the works and often, even when all the resources and materials are available, it takes a few extra days before the actual shooting will start.
The technique that is used for the post-processing of the images is a time consuming matter but also a moment of reflection in which moderate images are produced absorbing the heart of the theme. Also guidance is given by taking the view of the observer which is crucial in the abstraction of the images.
Through various media such as paint, ethanol, gouache and copied materials various large format images (up to 3×4 meters) are produced, that are affected by time-sensitive influences. Some images refer to conflict and instability by their monumental size and sculptural forms as memories or moments in time. However, also jaded and lost images can be found that were stored for decades and were rotting, which refers to the impermanence of the individual and his everyday worries. Over a working period of several weeks the layers of these images are macerated with ethanol. Literally these large size images are putting these processes between people even more under a magnifying glass. At the same time I put myself by use of this format on a pedestal where the observer can question mark how I could have been part in these processes and thereby forced to reflect how this can have affects on their life and how you by yourself participate in these processes.